One Hand and a Thumb

Your favorite days are lazy with waves
If I could stop you from growing, I might.
Because a six year old boy and a half dozen toys
Still fits in my arms just right.

I can’t help but see little glimmers of me
When you laugh too hard, you have my eyes!
But that charm that you have? THAT you got from your dad
His grin and good looks suit you fine.

You’re my joy and my peace, when I’m stressed – my relief
The peach fuzz on your legs makes me swoon!
At half of my height, you still hold my hand tight
Please, please, please don’t grow up too soon.

One hand and a thumb, that’s how old you are, son!
A big kid. A best friend. A brother.
Today we’ll swing and we’ll slide (and I’ll tickle your sides!) 
Happy Birthday, D! Love, your mother.

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